Stress-free Testing for Vue 3

Jessica Sachs - 22 November 2021 - 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST

Jessica Sachs

Maintainer @Vue test utils

Workshop Details

In the Stress-free Testing workshop, you'll learn how to test both simple and complex components. Optional Typescript track with the Composition API.

Hands-on Activities:

  • Use TDD to build new components (Modals, Accordions, and Lists)
  • Test components that use transitions, scoped slots, and async network requests
  • Test basic components that use slots, props, and events
  • Learn patterns for working with Vuex, Pinia, Vue Router, and VueI18n
  • Leverage spies, mocks, and stubs to make assertions about your components behavior
  • Setup Code Coverage and Accessibility Tests

Testing Fundamentals:

  • The Anatomy of a Test Runner - Terms and Definitions.
  • The Testing Pyramid - Understanding End-to-end Testing, component testing, and unit testing.
  • The Critical Path - Thinking like a user about tests and code quality.
  • The Best Practices - Testing best practices and how to avoid common mistakes.

At the end of this workshop, you should have the functional knowledge on how to tackle and test complex Vue components as well as understand how to craft a reliable component test and determine what's worth testing.

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