Building Nuxt.js Applications

Debbie O'Brien - 22 November 2021 - 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST

Debbie O'Brien

Head of Learning @NuxtJs

Workshop Details

Have fun and learn Nuxt.js at the same time. Interactive online workshop where you get to create a Nuxt.js application form scratch using Nuxt Content as a headless CMS to create a blog as well as adding plugins and modules to enhance your application. We will also explore getting data from an API and how to use the Nuxt live preview so you can preview changes before generating for when working with static sites. By the end of the course you should have a fully working Nuxt.js application that we can then deploy so you can show it to the world.

What we will cover:

  • Creating a Nuxt.js project
  • Project Structure
  • Routing
  • Nuxt content, markdown, yaml, components in Markdown
  • Nuxt plugins and modules, perhaps we will even create our own
  • Fetching data from an API
  • Live Preview mode
  • Deploying your Nuxt.js Application

Extras we might cover:

  • Nuxt targets and rendering modes
  • Nuxt Context
  • SEO
  • Loading and creating a custom loader
  • Middleware
  • SPA fallback
  • Creating an API

Who is this aimed at?

Anyone who has Nuxt.js experience and would like to learn some more or anyone who has no Nuxt experience but has come from the Vue world or another framework or even the backend world and would like to try something different. Anyone who wants to have fun and learn at the same time. There will be lots of interactivity, creativity, communication, collaboration, teamwork and coding.

What to expect?

We will be using Zoom and taking advantage of its breakout rooms so we can work as a team. We will try to use vs code live share so we can work together in small teams as well as other online interactive platforms so we can share ideas, discuss, vote, present and have some fun. This is an 8 hour workshop but we will have plenty of breaks so you can get a coffee, say hi to the kids, feed the dog or water the plants.

What you should have:

  • A computer with internet connection.
  • A camera (I love seeing people )
  • A microphone (built in to computer, headset or external)
  • VS Code with live share extension already installed

Extra cool if you have this:

  • Github account
  • Netlify account
  • Have already read some of the guides section of the Nuxt docs
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